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Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm PST
suggest getting some exposure. perhaps europe is a value but definitely, some a sho-- asia.. beyonce signed a $50 million deal with pepsi. this will cover a photo shoot, video, and her face is even going to be on the can. smart. toyota, all known in the music industry because people that listen to music the bake consumers out there. >> thank-you, and that-the music that make consumer choices. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this isn't easy this is a man made bridge i am trying to cross with a camera, i'm not liking this but it is what is this is just one of many crudely designed bridges that allow the homeless to go back and forth i'm more worried about the camera, myself i can take a dunking but this camera can't there are 8 miles of homeless encampments along the coyote creek in san jose what i am about to show you is a small snippet they are all lined along the creek with is a very delicate ecosystem an eco system that is in grave danger this water looks ok but this is what is flowing in it and see that shopping cart there litterly
Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm PST
or " norad'.. he is in western europe. he has just left the united king start northern ireland, and then i will lead with four. billion the gifts have been delivered. and then-you will go from ireland from northern ireland. he is going to go west and eventually will ride in the bay area. around the world. it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where he is but needless to stay we will continue to follow this developing story. >> the real story could be on the slatsanta's sleigh the real story-however, take a look at this interesting impersonators in sweden. they were spotted showing off their skill on motorcycles. >> a home in san diego has been decorated with 35,000 christmas lights. a neighbor took this video -- showing the huge display.. he says the family has set up elaborate displays for many years.despite power bills that run about a thousand dollars. >> this toy drive is that lefty voca--o ' tooloes. the wanted to collect about 15,000 but they've only collected 1000. >> this is the 12th year that the san francisco firefighters toy program has had a last minute toy drive with 44,000 chi
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
demand in europe. as berkeley this is not a good time to buy. >> we have the mayan calendar reset coming up on the 21st. we're talking about the end of the world and tci friday's is really happy december 21st is on a friday. >> a lot of restaurants are. they're doing a lot of $180 meals. some are doing a final feast and handing out sunglasses to customers. it is a great way to get people and. it is happening on a friday. it will almost be like a many holiday. fourth of july, valentine's day people want to spend money. people will spend money because it is a my and holiday. restaurants are great at marketing towards it. >> it the world does not end and there is a 2013 baseball season the dodgers will have a lot of money. >> baseball costs seem to be going up. the hundred and $47 million for 3.8 era lifetime? i don't get it. that is all about the money so i don't need to get it. they will have an opening day payroll that will beat the yankees in 2000 a record. 208 million. the dodgers will have a budget of 220 + million dollars. this is due to tv. they have a relationship with tiny border
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
christmas crib in all of europe. it's 52 feet high and contains more than 200 figures. the largest figure being st. joseph standing nearly 6 feet tall and santa was probably enjoying the cooler than normal temperatures in australia. temperatures were in the low 70s. much cooler than normal there, however a few souls braving the less the tropical temperatures even sporting some santa hats, you see all the wind right there but these guys don't seem to mind too much. the holiday spirit being felt across the globe tonight. >> coming up, i'll take you on a sobering tour and talk to one of the residents in the next edition of people behaving badly >>> there's a housing related tax cut that has homeowners attention. it is just day assistsway from expiring. it was established in 2007 in the middle of the foreclosure crisis. if congress doesn't extend it by the end of the year homeowners will have to start paying income taxes on the portion of their mortgage that is forgiven in a foreclosure short sale. >> netflix streaming service is back up and running after being knocked out for most of the day
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
because it's pretty clear it's both a competitor and a partner. number four-- europe. the european union was fractured by too much debt and the austerity plans to fix it. that saga is far from over. number three-- the housing market finally, finally bottomed out. the combination of low home prices and continued record low mortgage rates set off a building and buying spree. investors began buying entire neighborhoods. but first-time buyers were also able to get a home of their own for the first time in years, as long as they had a hefty down payment. number two-- the election. more than just about obama and romney. it was about socialism and capitalism. it was about spending and cutting, about what kind of role government should have in your life. number one is the fiscal cliff. lawmakers saw it coming but didn't bother to pay any attention to it until after the election. had they put politics aside and dealt with it earlier, who knows how strong the u- s economy would be right now? >> jacqueline: often tends already 40's in vallejo, daly city 45 in pleasanton. get ready for a chilly nigh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5